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Over four decades of deep rooted commitment and passion continues to make Salmis a part of national and international markets.

Forty eight years ago, a young man with great passion for his product and a strong sense of aesthetics, opened a small store. Joined by his wife, family and a passionate team, today Salmis has evolved into one of the oldest and largest design house of Pakistan. With well experienced design, sales and marketing department having display space of 10000 sqft in Karachi, it continues to achieve excellence in furniture and interiors, providing customers with a bespoke experience where their needs are carefully catered.

Salmis focuses on providing a luxury boutique experience by attempting to sincerely understand the needs of the clients and providing a tailored solution which makes them feel well taken care of and a part of the Salmis family. This mutual respect usually translates into a long term relationship with our clients where they achieve a committed level of customer service. Salmis has thus earned a reputation as a market leader and is synonymous to high standards, quality, trust and commitment.

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While technological advancement and cutting edge manufacturing techniques can offer accuracy and precision, we believe it is our team, both in the showroom and at the factory whose passion and dedication speaks out in every product. Our team constantly strives to innovate and outdo themselves and it is this philosophy that has launched Salmis as the choice for most discerning homeowners.



Located in a prime area in Karachi, walking distance from multiple embassies, frequented markets and a large residential area, Salmis sits right in the hub of activity. We have been inhabiting this spot for over thirty two years and now call it home. Our clients are equally comfortable and are welcome any time to join us for a consultation or discussion over a cup of coffee.